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  • ★★★★★ vor 10 Monaten
    Ich kann powderMe absolut weiterempfehlen, hilft mir super mein Gewicht zu regulieren im Homeoffice. Ein sehr hochwertiges Bio Protein Produkt mit Top Inhaltsstoffen, ohne die sonst eher üblichen Süßstoffe.👍🏼 … More
  • ★★★★★ vor einem Jahr
    Hab mir das vegane Protein von Powderme ausgesucht, weil ich einen hohen Eiweißbedarf habe und ein Eiweißpulver ohne Schnickschnack und ohne Geschmack gesucht habe. Bin mega zufrieden damit und merke, … More wie es meinem Körper gut tut :) Die Lieferung ist immer richtig schnell!
    Nutze es für meine Bowls, Joghurt, Shakes aber auch zum Kochen (z.B. für Soßen) & Backen! :)

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What distinguishes POWDERme® from other protein powders?

We only use the ingredients you really need - organic protein! You just have to decide: Whey or Vegan

Our POWDERme® organic proteins contain only what you really need for your body. Artificial flavourings, sweeteners, acidifiers, anti-caking agents and thickeners are not included. What remains? High quality, pure organic protein!

And for your natural and healthy taste, add POWDERme® to your fresh smoothies, porridges and more. The natural taste makes POWDERme® the perfect protein boost to your normal diet.

Flavorings – whether natural or artificial – turn a product into something it is not. A natural strawberry flavored protein shake may taste like strawberries, but it definitely doesn’t contain fresh strawberries. Accordingly, all the nutrients and vitamins of fresh fruit are missing. The shake is thus only fast food.

POWDERme® does not stand for fast food, but for natural and healthy organic nutrition. Your strawberry shake is therefore best made in your blender with POWDERme® and fresh strawberries.

POWDERme® does not contain any flavourings or sweeteners – it retains the natural taste of whey protein or vegan rice and pea protein.

For your favorite flavor, add POWDERme® to your fresh smoothies, porridges and more. Due to its natural taste, POWDERme® fits perfectly into your normal diet.

Whether you’re 18 or 88, whether you’re an amateur or competitive athlete, whether your goal is a healthy figure or bigger biceps, POWDERme® protein powders will help you build muscle and define your body. The supportive effect of proteins on muscle building has been scientifically proven and is recognised by the European Food Safety Authority.

With your training you set your goals – we support you in achieving them.

Our organic protein powders support you in muscle building and body definition. A trained body consumes more energy due to the higher basal metabolic rate. In this way, protein helps you lose weight and get your body in shape. The supportive effect of proteins on muscle building has been scientifically proven and is recognised by the European Food Safety Authority.

For adult non-athletes, the German Nutrition Society (DGE) recommends a daily protein consumption of 0.8 g per kilogram body weight and day. However, effective muscle building requires a protein intake of 1.3 to 1.6 g per kilogram body weight – regardless of gender. In case you want achieve a very strong muscle building, up to 1.8 g protein per kilogram of body weight is necessary.

Since the body can only optimally process a limited amount of protein (around 30 g) per meal, the protein intake should be as continuous as possible throughout the day. For example, a protein smoothie after a workout, a protein porridge for breakfast …

The optimal daily amount is the protein gap between your needs and the amount of protein you consume in your normal diet.

Both products were developed with the goal of providing you with an optimal amino acid profile for your training and your body. Due to the natural taste, both products fit ideally into your normal diet.

Since your diet can be either vegan or non-vegan, we’ve created two different products for that – a whey protein based and a vegan protein based on rice and pea protein.

You decide according to your eating habits. Compared to pea and rice protein, Whey protein is naturally more subtle in taste and blends even better into smoothies or the like.

Just like with normal foods, you can often tell the quality of the product by looking at the list of ingredients. Healthy and high quality products usually contain few and natural ingredients. A high number of complex ingredients is usually a bad sign. This can also be easily tested with other products in the supermarket.

In addition, external standardized certifications provide more security. Products with organic certification according to the EC Organic Regulation are subject to regular strict controls.

In terms of protein, good quality can be recognised by a high protein content and a balanced amino acid profile. A high proportion of BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids ) is an advantage.

Foodstuffs that are allowed to bear the EC organic label meet the EU minimum requirements for organic farming. The producers are inspected at least once a year by an external and recognised inspection body.

The organic seal stands for the fundamental renunciation of chemical-synthetic pesticides as well as the use of on easily soluble mineral fertilizers. Organic stands for species-appropriate animal husbandry, protects soil, water and air, helps to preserve biodiversity, reduces energy consumption and conserves raw material reserves. Organic strives for a circular economy with nutrient cycles that are as closed as possible, offers security through independent regular controls for compliance with legal requirements and renounces genetic engineering.

POWDERme® completely avoids the addition of artificial additives. This also includes release agents and emulsifiers, which basically promote the solubility of the powders in liquids. If the powder is merely stirred into a liquid, small lumps may well form.

You get a perfect solubility with a shaker, a blender or a mixer. Pair it with fresh fruit and a splash of milk and you’ve got your delicious and healthy power smoothie.

Proteins are a necessary part of our diet and are needed by the body especially for building and maintaining healthy muscles. Most foods also contain protein. This natural protein is also contained in POWDERme®.

Optimal for your body is to align your protein intake with your body weight and goals. It doesn’t matter if this is done through your normal diet or by supporting protein powders. With protein powders you can easily increase your protein intake and integrate it into your daily routine. An unhealthy effect of protein powders cannot be proven even at 4 grams per kilogram of body weight.