We do not use any additives


Protein is the only target-relevant ingredient in a protein powder.

What do normal protein powders actually contain?


Conventional protein powders often do not contain what the taste promises. Usually, a synthetic flavor is created from the interaction of artificial flavors, sweeteners and acidifiers.

Thickeners, release agents and emulsifiers are added to give the product a specific consistency and texture.

Colourants compensate for changes in colour due to processing and satisfy consumers’ colour expectations according to the taste of the product.


Do we need
all this?



We limit ourselves to what you really need!

POWDERme® relies on pure organic protein, natural, organic, with no added preservatives/colors, artificial flavors, sweeteners, separating agents or thickeners.


...part of your balanced diet


For the best POWDERme® experience, add our organic protein powder directly to your fresh and healthy smoothie, porridge or more …


Whey or vegan - your decision