We reduce protein powders to what you really need!

What remains is an organic whey-based protein and an organic vegan protein made from rice and peas. You just have to decide...

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Our Bio Whey and Vegan Set at a bargain price makes your start easier

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POWDERme® does without artificial additives - pure organic protein


We use only organic raw materials - controlled and certified


We protect our climate through CO2 avoidance and compensation

Why protein powder?

Muscle building and weight loss

Balanced diet

Integrate protein powder easily into your diet

Our promise

Optimized amino acid profile

Developed by experts for your needs - with high BCAA content

100 % Ecological

All POWDERme® organic protein powders carry both the German and the European organic seal.

Climate neutral

POWDERme® pays attention to low CO2 emissions - unavoidable ones are compensated.

Without sugar

Our organic protein powders contain no sugar or sweeteners

Without artificial flavors

POWDERme® does not contain any artificial additives.

No genetic engineering

None of our products contain genetically modified raw materials